SkinCueticals Serum 20



SKU: BR006


Formulated at the precise concentration proven to deliver maximum amounts of vitamin C to the skin, Serum 20 contains 20% L-ascorbic acid to help protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays, prevent premature signs of aging, and stimulate collagen production. This antioxidant treatment is lightweight, fast-absorbing, and provides optimal levels of anti-aging prevention. Ideal for normal to oily skin.

• Proven to deliver the highest levels of vitamin C to the skin—for reasons unknown, higher concentrations actually reduce absorption
• A powerful antioxidant that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, provides photoprotection, and stimulates collagen synthesis
• Once absorbed, can’t be washed or rubbed off, remaining protective for up to four days–an excellent addition to sunscreens
• Dramatically improves skin tone and elasticity
• Optimal for normal to oily skin